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Lavinia E "Viney" Johnson was born 9 Feb 1869 in Arkansas.  Her California Death Index, when she died at age 90 as "Viney Poynter", states her father's surname as Poynter, and her mother's as Brannan.  But three of her children, as taken from her own obituary, who later died in California, have their mother's maiden name listed as Johnson not Poynter.

Regardless of what Lavinia's maiden name truly is, she apparently had an eldest surviving child:
  • Harvey Johnson, born Jan 1889; age 11 in 1900; age 21 in 1910; born in Arkansas; and is also listed then living in Oklahoma, in her own obituary dated 1959

As "Vinea Johnson" she married on 25 Mar 1891 in Yell County, AR to "D F Braudrick".  This seems to be the same person as David Franklin Braudrick born in 1872, the son of Thomas Jefferson Braudrick and his wife Missouri Ann Underwood.

Lavinia's next four children as appear in 1910, have this Braudrick surname (but see below for a caveat):
  • Thomas M "Frank" Braudrick born 18 Jan 1892 Arkansas; age 8 in 1900; age 18 in 1910; living in 1959 in Sunnyvale, CA; died 24 Sep 1969 in Lake County; mother's maiden name Johnson (CADI).  The SSDI states that he was last living at Clearlake and that his SSN had been issued by Colorado.  He was buried in the Alma City Cemetery, in Crawford County, Arkansas (His findagrave entry)
  • William Edward "Ed" Braudrick, born Sep 1894; age 5 in 1900; age 13 in 1910; born AR, living in 1959 in Sunnyvale, CA; he is likely that one in the SSDI born 30 Sep 1895, SSN issued by Oklahoma, died May 1967, last resided in Denver, Colorado.  He is buried at Fort Logan Cemetery, died 18 May 1967, because he was a PFC Marine Corps in WWI.  His wife Allie (1900-1986) is buried next to him.
  • Dessie October, born 14 Oct 1901 Arkansas (CADI); "age 7" in 1910 born AR, married to Willie Harvey Hendrix; they appear in 1930 in Beckham County, Oklahoma with two children; she obtained a divorce granted in 1944 in California; she was living in 1959 in South San Francisco as "Dessie Hendrix" in her mother's obit; died 12 Jan 1989 in Santa Clara County, CA.  Father's name Steward, mother's name Poynter.  Her SSN had been issued by California.
  • Charlie age 5 born AR, who is obviously the same person as Charles Poynter just below.

However on 11 Jan 1903 in Yell County, Arkansas, "Vina Braudrie", age 34 of "Delaware, Logan County" married Joseph Steward, age 50 of "Delaware, Logan County".  It's not completely clear why she would be listed in 1910 with the surname Stewart, while her youngest child was not.  Probably just dittography of the census taker, not understanding that the youngest child Charlie was also a Stewart.

Lavinia E Johnson (d. 7 Oct 1959), while living in Arkansas, had two children who were later known as:
  • Charles Nelson Poynter (1905-1959 CADI)  Born in Arkansas, died in Santa Clara Co, CA
  • Coy Lee Poynter (1910-83 CADI)  Born in Arkansas; living in 1930 in Beckham County, Oklahoma with his mother; died in Santa Clara Co, CA

In 1910, she is enumerated in the US Federal Census as "Vilean" Stewart widow, living next door to Brent Poynter widower.  Lavinia's son Coy was born just a month or so after this census was taken.  It is possible that both of these sons above were by Brent, prior to their 1916 marriage, or perhaps her latest husband Joseph Steward, had just died.  Charles and Coy might have gone by Poynter either because they never knew Mr Stewart, or because their mother told them that he was not actually their biological father or simply because perhaps Poynter legally adopted them.

Next, at age 46, she married on 13 Nov 1916 in Yell County, Arkansas to Brent "B P" Poynter age 55.  They divorced prior to the 1920 Census.  She appear in 1930 in Beckham County, Oklahoma.  At some point she moved to California.

As "Viney Poynter", she has an obituary, in the San Jose Mercury News stating that she had died, apparently in Sunnyvale, on  7 Oct 1959 and was to be buried at Alta Mesa Cemetery.  She appears in the CADI, born 9 Feb 1869 Arkansas as "Viney Poynter".


Primary Sources

  • Brent Pointer, age 24, married on 7 Jan 1885 in Johnson County, Arkansas to Maggie McPherson, age 24 (Reference found in Arkansas County Marriages, 1837-1944)
  • 1900 US Federal Census, Delaware, Logan County, Arkansas "Joseph Steward, age 48, born Feb 1852 Missouri, Single"
  • 1900 US Federal Census, Delaware, Logan County, Arkansas "Lavinie E Bredric, age 29, born Feb 1871 AR/MO/AL, widow, mother of 3, 3 living; Harry H Bredric, son, age 11 born Jan 1889 AR; Thorn M Bredric, son, age 8, born Jan 1892 AR; William E Bredric, son, age 5, born Sep 1894 AR"
  • 1910 US Federal Census, Delaware, Logan County, Arkansas.  First name is hard to read something like "Vileum" Stewart, head, white female, age 35, widow, AR/AR/AR, laborer, odd jobs; Harvey Johnson, son, age 21, single, AR/AR/AR; Frank Braudrick, son, 18, single, AR/AR/AR; Edward Braudrick, son, 13, AR; Dessie Braudrick, daughter, 7, AR; Charlie Braudrick, son, 5, AR.  She is living next door to Brent Pointer, age 49, widower
  • B P Poynter age 55, married on 13 Nov 1916 in Yell County, Arkansas to Mrs "Viney" Stewart, age 46 (Reference found in Arkansas County Marriages, 1837-1944)
  • 1920 US Federal Census, Delaware, Logan County, Arkansas "Brent P Paynter" age 58 born Kentucky, living "widower" with his son John H Paynter age 33 born Arkansas.
  • 1930 US Federal Census, Delaware, Logan County, Arkansas "Brent Poynter" age 69, born Kentucky; living as "father, widower" in the household of his son John H Poynter age 43 born Arkansas
  • Charles Nelson Poynter, born 12 Mar 1905 Arkansas, died 15 Oct 1959 San Francisco County, California.  Mother's maiden name Johnson (California Death Index)
  • Obituary San Jose Mercury Newspaper -10/10/1959: "At rest in Sunnyvale, Oct 7 1959 Viney Poynter, beloved mother of Coy Lee Poynter, Frank and Ed Braudrick, all of Sunnyvale.  Harvey Johnson, Oklahoma.  Charles Poynter, Richgrove, California.  And Mrs Dessie Hendrix of South San Francisco.... native of Arkansas, age 90.  Interment Alta Mesa Cemetery.
  • Viney Poynter, born 9 Feb 1869 Arkansas, died 7 Oct 1959 Santa Clara County.  Father's surname Poynter, mother's surname Brannan.
  • Coy Lee Poynter, born 20 Jul 1910 Arkansas, died 12 Apr 1983 Santa Clara County, California.  Mother's maiden name Johnson (California Death Index)

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Viney Poynter obit from San Jose Mercury Newspaper -10/10/1959
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