The Royal Ancestry of Gavin Newsom

Gavin Newsom's shortest known ascent to royalty is to Robert II, King of France who died 1031



For more specific details about Gavin Newsom's career, and his immediate ancestors see my article "Gavin Newsom" at This article has also been repeated in my column at and in my first article for Associated Content, "The Royal Ancestry of Gavin Newsom".

The ascent below shows that Gavin Newsom is a descendant from Robert II, King of France.  That is his current shortest known ascent to royalty.

  1. Gavin Christopher Newsom b 10 Oct 1967 San Francisco County ("Gavin Newsom", Countyhistorian)
  2. Tessa Thomas Menzies b 28 Nov 1946 San Francisco County ("Gavin Newsom", Countyhistorian)
  3. Arthur Liddell Menzies b 28 Feb 1916 Los Angeles County ("Gavin Newsom", Countyhistorian)
  4. Maud Victoria Waithman b 7 Oct 1888 Pinos Altos, Mexico ("Gavin Newcom", Countyhistorian)
  5. Grace Gertrude Winton ("Gavin Newsom", Countyhistorian)
  6. Catherine Augusta Crane b 1840 ("Gavin Newsom", Countyhistorian)
  7. Addison Moses Crane 1814-89 ("Gavin Newsom", Countyhistorian)
  8. Amarilla Hannah Moses 1789-1866 ("Gavin Newsom", Countyhistorian)
  9. Elisha Moses b 1761 ("Gavin Newsom", Countyhistorian)
  10. Mercy Barber ("Gavin Newsom", Countyhistorian)

  11. [Edit]

  12. Mercy Case ("Gavin Newsom", Countyhistorian)
  13. Samuel Case b 1 Jun 1667 Simsbury, Connecticut (Genealogics citing "Ancestry of Howard Dean", by W.A.R.)
  14. Sarah Spencer (Genealogics citing "Ancestry of Howard Dean", by W.A.R.)
  15. Agnes Harris b 6 Apr 1604, d abt 1680 (Genealogics citing RD500, et al)
  16. Elizabeth Collamore bap 2 Sep 1566 Bishop's Tawton, co Devon; but 7 Dec 1647 Barnstaple, co Devon (Genealogics citing RD500, AR7)
  17. Henry Collamore bap 12 Jan 1541/2 Braunton, co Devon; bur 15 Jun 1625 Bishop's Tawton, co Devon (Genealogics citing RD500, AR7)
  18. Margery Hext buried 22 Aug 1551 Braunton, co Devon (Genealogics citing RD500, AR7)
  19. Thomas Hext buried 1 Dec 1555 in Georgeham, co Devon (Genealogics citing RD500, AR7)
  20. Joan Fortesque living in 1524, dead in 1525; of Kingston in Staverton, co Devon (Genealogics citing AR7, RD600)
  21. John Fortesque (not b abt 1420, this is only a guess) d. 11 Mar 1480/1481 I.P.M. Nov 1481; Lord of Whympston, co Devon (Genealogics citing AR7)

  22. [Edit]

  23. William Fortesque of Whympston; (not b abt 1385, this is a guess only) he was married by 1410 to Matilda / Mabilla Falwell when they are mentioned jointly (Genealogics citing AR7, RD600)
  24. Elizabeth Beauchamp (Genealogics citing AR7)
  25. John Beauchamp of Ryme; Knt b ~1315 d 8 Apr 1349 (Genealogics citing AR7)
  26. John Beauchamp of Ryme, co Dorset; Knt < 1313; b abt 1285, d bef 1346 (Genealogics citing AR7)
  27. Humphrey de Beauchamp , Knt; b abt 1250 d bef 18 Jul 1316 (Genealogics citing Marlyn Lewis, Ian Fettes)  Cawley's Medlands does not list a son Humphrey for this couple.
  28. Alice Mohun b abt 1222 d bef 1284 (The Complete Peerage: Beauchamp of Somerset V2p48) (Genealogics citing Ian Fettes, W H Turton) Medlands seems to make this Alice the sister of the next Reynold below.
    1. The Complete Peerage: Beauchamp of Somerset V2p48 states that Alice was the "daughter of Reynold de Mohun of Dunster", but does not cite a source.
    2. Medlands records her name "Alice" as the wife of Robert de Beauchamp ("Robert de Beauchamp d 1251", Medlands citing an IPM dated 31H3), but also states that she was Alice de Mohun without citing a source for this surname.  Cawley does not list a son "Humphrey" for this couple.
    3. The Turton citation "The Plantagenet Ancestry" pg 162 merely states that Alice de Mohun, daughter of that Reynold who died in 1257, married that Robert de Beauchamp who died in 1265.  No sources are cited.
  29. Reynold de Mohun, Knt b ~1206 d 20 Jan 1258 (Genealogics citing TCP et al)
  30. Reynold de Mohun, Knt d 1213 (Genealogics citing TCP)
  31. William de Mohun d Oct 1193 ("William de Mohun", Medlands)
  32. Godeheut de Toeni d bef 1186 + William de Mohun d 1176 ("William de Mohun", Medlands) Medlands however does not call her "de Toeni".
  33. Gertrude or Ida de Hainault married by 1138 Roger, Seigneur de Tosny ("Roger, Seigneur de Tosny", Medlands)
  34. Baudouin III, Count of Hainaut, born 1088, died 1120 ("Baldwin III, Count of Hainaut", Medlands)
  35. Baudouin II, Count of Hainaut, died 1098 while on Crusade ("Baldwin II, Count of Hainaut", Medlands)
  36. Baudouin VI, Count of Flanders 1067-1070; died 17 Jul 1070 ("Baldwin VI, Count of Flanders", Medlands)
  37. Adele of France died 8 Jan 1079 at Messines; married in 1028 Baldwin Count of Flanders who died 1067 ("Baldwin V, Count of Flanders", Medlands)
  38. Robert II, King of France 996-1031 (b. 972)



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