Customer Relationship Management


Why do some businesses send me coupons by email while others, of the same size, and even in the same town do not?  I shop at both businesses, I buy from both, but I am consciously swayed to buy more, and more often, from the businesses that correspond with me by email.

When I'm trying to find information about a business, such as their hours, location, directions, sales items, I am more satisfied and more likely to shop there based on their web presence.  A company which has no web site, or whose web site is childish, isn't as likely to get my business as one who has a decent looking web site.  Not fancy, just decent.

And if that web site has coupons on it, or a list of weekly specials, so much the better.  I print out the coupons, at my expense even, which is an interesting twist on who's paying whom.  The businesses don't need to spend the money on advertising that they would have.

Customer Relationship Management, by automated email, either with embedded content, or directly a reader to the content, saves businesses advertising revenue, and increases sales.