Ancestry of Kate Middleton

Ancestry of Kate Middleton, the woman who will someday be Queen of England


Kate Middleton at
the Garter Procession in 2008
Credit: Wikimedia
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The numbers below in front of each name refer to their placement in her Ahnentafel (Ancestor Table).

1 Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton

Catherine Elizabeth Middleton was born 9 Jan 1982 at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, Berkshireshire, England, the oldest child of three for her parents Michael Francis Middleton and his wife Carole Elizabeth Goldsmith.  Both of her parents worked in the airline industry, but while she was a child, they founded a mail-order company, called Party Pieces, which sells party supplies.

Kate attended the University of St Andrews where in 2001 she met Prince William, Prince of Wales, who was also studying there.  Kate graduated with a Masters in Art History in 2005.

She and William dated off-and-on, and are set to marry on 29 Apr 2011 at Westminster Abbey.

Secondary Sources

Kate and her parents Carole and Michael
2 Michael Francis Middleton
Michael Francis Middleton was born 23 Jun 1949 at Chapel Allerton Nursing Home, Leeds, Yorkshire.  On 21 Jun 1980 in the parish church of Dorney, co Buck, he married Carole Elizabeth Goldsmith.  He was an airline official, she was a flight attendant.  They had three children.  In 1987 they started a mail-order business selling party supplies.  He is living.

Secondary Sources

3 Carole Elizabeth Goldsmith

Carole Elizabeth Goldsmith was born 31 Jan 1955 in Perivale, Middlesex, the daughter of Ronald Goldsmith and his wife Dorothy Harrison.  In 1980 while an flight attendant, she married Michael Francis Middleton, an airline officer.  They had three children, the eldest being Kate Middleton, set to marry Prince William on 29 Apr.  In 1987, Carole and Michael started a mail-order business selling party supplies, which they still run.

Primary Sources for 3

4 Peter Francis Middleton
Peter was a pilot just after World War II, going to work in the civil aviation industry.

5 Valerie Glassborow

6 Ronald John James Goldsmith
Ronald was born late into his parent's marriage in 1931.
Ronald was an engineer.

7 Dorothy Harrison

8 Richard Noel Middleton
Born in 1879 the son of John William Middleton and his wife Mary Asquith who had married in 1863.
Richard was a lawyer.

9 Olive Christiana Lupton
Her ancestors had been successful wool manufacturers in Leeds.

10 Frederick George Glassborow

11 Constance Robison

12 Stephen Charles Goldsmith
Stephen's father John had been a bricklayer, with at least eight children.  Stephen was a house builder's labourer, working in the London suburbs.  In 1909 he married Edith Eliza Chandler.

13 Edith Eliza Chandler
Her father Theophilus was a plasterer.

14 Thomas Harrison

15 Elizabeth Mary Temple

16 John William Middleton

17 Mary Asquith
Mary was born in 1840 in Leeds to Joseph Asquith, a master cloth dresser.

18 Francis Martineau Lupton

19 Harriet Albina Davis

20 Frederick John Glassborow

21 Emily Jane Elliott

22 Gavin Fullarton Robison

23 Sarah Ann Gee

24 John Goldsmith

25 Jane Dorsett

26 Theophilus Benjamin Chandler

27 Amelia White

28 John Harrison

29 Jane Hill

30 Thomas Temple

31 Elizabeth Myers