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gain, thanks for your response to my query about internal links in a knol. As I said, yours was the only relevant response I got.

I would like permission to quote your reply, with attribution, in a knol I am writing about my travails as a newcomer to knol. The knol will be partly humorous, partly practical. It will poke fun at the Knol community (but mostly at me)for its irrelevant replies, but then go on to give some actual tips. If you would like to see the knol before you give permission, I would be glad to arrange it if you would tell me how.

Incidentally, I had trouble accessing your knol. The e-address you provided didn't work. I had to use key words to track this site down. Could be me, of course, but it might keep some other people away from your knol.

Again, thanks for your help, and for your time.

Drew Sappington - 07 Sep 2009

Sure you have my permission to quote my reply, with attribution.

Will Johnson - 07 Sep 2009