Index to Doris Day : Her Own Story

An index to those whom Doris met who were famous, and about whom she makes more than passing reference.


An index to those whom Doris met who were famous and about whom she makes more than passing reference in her 1975 biography.

Index to Doris Day : Her Own Story

4 Milton Berle
8 Jimmy Cagney
11 She is born in 1924 Doris Kappelhoff, named by her mother for actress Doris Kenyon
54 Les Brown (Doris sang with Les Brown's band from 1940 to 1946. Her first engagement with his band was at Mike Todd's Theatre Cafe in Chicago.)
58 Al Jordan, Doris marries her first husband Al at City Hall in New York City.  They divorce after about a year.
59 Jimmy Dorsey
71 Terry (Melcher) is born on 8 Feb 1942
81 Andy Williams
83 Bob Hope
88 George Weidler, Doris marries her second husband, brother of the actress Virginia Weidler, in Mount Vernon, New York.  This marriage lasted about eight months.
90 Al Levy, Doris' first agent
92 Marty Melcher
98 Jule Styne, Sammy Cahn, convinced singer Doris to become actress Doris

Doris Day in 1953
Credit: Wikimedia Commons
100 Michael Curtiz, director who cast her in her first movie
104 Jack Carson, he and Doris dated off and on
115 Marty Melcher
116 Bob Hope, Doris toured in 1948 for a season with Bob Hope's concert and radio troupe.  Irene Ryan was also a member at this time, but Doris does not mention her.
128 Billy De Wolfe
128 S K "Cuddles" Sakall
128 Jack Warner
131 Ginger Rogers
132 Alfred Hitchcock
134 Ronald Reagan, he and Doris made two movies together, and they dated, after he had divorced Jane Wyman
134 Marty Melcher, they marry 3 Apr 1951 at the Burbank city hall by a Justice of the Peace
137 Marty's ex-wife was Patty Andrews of the Andrews Sisters
140 Sam Weiss, in charge of Warner brothers music
144 Ray Bolger, they made a film together in 1953 "April in Paris"
145 Gene Nelson and his wife Miriam, choreographers
164 Frank Sinatra
169 Ethel Barrymore
170 Al Jordan, Doris' first husband and the biological father of Terry Melcher, committed suicide.  Terry states that he's never seen a picture of his father, that nobody has one.  However this link is apparently her and Al together, while they were members of the Les Brown band
176 James Cagney


181 Sam Weiss 254
182 Alfred Hitchcock, directed Doris in The Man Who Knew Too Much co-starring Jimmy Stewart
187 Van Johnson
187 Peter Ustinov
194 James "Jimmy" Stewart
197 Jerry Rosenthal, lawyer and Hollywood specialist on tax shelters
198 Louis Jourdan, Doris' co-star in "Julie"
202 Dick Dorso
221 Clark Gable
223 Jack Lemmon
226 Rock Hudson, Tony Randall and Doris co-star in "Pillow Talk"
227 James Garner
233 Ross Hunter 282
235 Rex Harrison
236 Irene (Lentz) Gibbons, designer who committed suicide 15 Nov 1962, by jumping from the eleventh floor of the Knickerbocker Hotel, after Gary Cooper died of cancer.  Doris here says "one month after" Cooper's death, but apparently it was more than a year later.
241 Terry Melcher, 247, 272, 284, 286, 289, 289-301-307
249 Candace Bergen 284
251 Maury Wills
252 Sly Stone
256 James Garner
275 David Janssen
277 Gordon MacRae
278 Kirk Douglas, 323
279 Dick Dorso
284 Charles Manson
292 Michelle Phillips
305 Joel Goldsmith
306 Kathryn Kuhlman
323 Jerome Rosenthal
325 Dorothy Dandridge
338 Frank Sinatra