Darwin Porter : Is He Dead Yet?


Darwin Porter has written several books. His Wikipedia biography states that he was born in 1937 in North Carolina and raised in Miami Beach.
He was mostly known as a writer of some of the Fromer's travel guides, when he started also writing posthumous biographies of celebrity movie stars.  His books on the stars are, shall we say... sensational.  And I don't mean that in a good way.  They are meant to be shocking, titillating and scandalous.
One quite interesting point he makes, is that the dialogue in his books is based on transcripts of unpublished oral interviews, either with the stars themselves, or with people who knew them.  Some people have expressed... surprise... at the allegations in his books.  But you can't libel the dead.
I wonder what (if anything) will be said about Darwin Porter, after he kicks the bucket.
Darwin's books about various movie stars, seemed fixated on the singular point of claiming countless same-sex sexual liasons.  It's possible of course, that such liasons did take place, but whether or not Mr Porter actually has anyone on record, who would know, stating it, is quite another thing.  I am not the first author, to raise the flag of Mr Porter's veracity on this point.
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