Greek Salad

My recipe

My receipe for Greek Salad


Romaine Lettuce

Greek Salad for One
Two or three romaine lettuce leaves
Eight green olives
Two tablespoons sweet red peppers
Two pepperoncini
One inch of cucumber
Two tablespoons feta cheese
Two tablespoons (or one slice) fresh provolone or mozzarella cheese
Two slices tomato
One tablespoon olive oil
Pepper and salt


Arrange the romaine lettuce leaves on a dinner plate.  Over these cut the cucumber, sweet red peppers, pepperoncini and tomato into dime-sized pieces or smaller.  If the provolone cheese is a slice, then rip it into tiny pieces as well and toss on top.  Add one tablespoon each of the brine of the red peppers, pepperoncini and green olive jars over the leaves.

Feta Cheese

Crumble or sprinkle the feta cheese over the leaves, then drizzle the olive oil over all and add the green olives to the center of the pile.  Adding some black Kalamata olives, and some sliced hearts of palm is optional.  Add fresh ground black pepper, and a dash of salt.

Serve cold.

Although traditional perhaps, I stay away from green bell peppers (too crunchy and woody) and red onions (too powerful on the tummy).