Artists descended from royalty

Artists descended from royalty

(wHdc) Artists descended from royalty


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Written 2011 by Will Johnson
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Peter Paul Rubens
Minerva Josephine Chapman
M. C. Escher
Sir Winston Churchill
Prince Charles
Francis Bacon (the painter) - descent from the Harley earls of Oxford
Kay Sage
Norman Rockwell from (Rev. Peter Bulkeley and Grace Chetwode)
Fitz Hugh Lane (Thomas Lawrence and Joan Antrobus)
-- Since 2005 more correctly known to the art world as "Fitz Henry Lane"
N.C. and Andrew Wyeth from (Thomas Trowbridge and Elizabeth Marshall)
Rockwell Kent from (William Hutchinson and Anne Marbury)
Asher Durand from (Obadiah Bruen and Sarah)
Edward Simmons from (Constant Southworth and Elizabeth Collier)
Will Howe Foote from (Samuel Appleton and Judith Everard)
John Quincy Adams from (the painter) (William Sargent and Sarah)
John Singer Sargent from (Christopher Batt  and Anne Baynton)
Frederic Church from (Matthew Allyn and Margaret Wyatt)
Georgia O'Keefe from (Edward Fitzrandolph and Elizabeth Blossom)
Count Franz Schaffgotsch
Tacita Dean (see "Tacita Dean", genealogics)

Authors with royal ancestors:
George Orwell
Anthony Trollope
Robert Charles Dallas
Alexander Robert Charles Dallas
Ada Lovelace
Mary Lutyens
Charles Darwin
Lord Byron
Christopher Isherwood
Evelyn, Princess Blucher
Lord Alfred Douglas
Harriet Beecher Stowe

Actors with royal ancestors:
Olivia d'Abo - Alexander Armstrong - Timothy Bentinck - Marlon Brando - Billie Burke - Humphrey Bogart - Montgomery Clift - Glenn Close - Noel Coward - Ellen Degeneres - Bruce Dern - Laura Dern - Michael Douglas - Doris Dudley - Cary Elwes - Rupert Everett - Joan Fontaine - Gloria Grahame - Hugh Grant - Charlotte Greenwood - Jake Gyllenhaal - Maggie Gyllenhaal - Tom Hanks - Olivia de Havilland - Audrey Hepburn - Katherine Hepburn - Paris Hilton - Jack "Butch" JenkinsSally Kirkland - Kris Kristofferson - Steve McQueen - Timothy Olyphant - Catherine Oxenberg - Anthony Perkins - Paul Peterson - Vanessa Redgrave - Randolph Scott - Brooke Shields - Sissy Spacek - Rachel Ward - Fay Wray


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