Constance de Merston


Constance de Merston (or Marston)

Constance married as her first husband John de Mortaine, they were plaintiffs in a fine dated 1254.  Weis' "Ancestral Roots" (42-28) states that this John was yet living in 1265.  Constance married as her second husband Robert de Wotten who was holding Marston Manor in co Bedford 1282-3, with his wife Constance, as tenants of the Albini family.  Robert was probably dead by 1284/6 when "Constant de Morteyn" is cited alone holding as tenant of the villa of Marston of the barony of Kainho. (see "Feudal Aids", p2)  Again Weis states that Constance died about 1293.

Weis states that Constance and John had a son and heir also named John de Mortaine.  He calls him "Of Tilsworth and Marston", that he married Joan Gobion as her first husband, and that he died in 1296, leaving a son and heir also named John.  For his account of this line from the Gobion family to the Morteyn family, Weis cites NEHGR 79 (1925) 359-378.  One part of which is reproduced below:

NEGHR 79: 365
"John de Morteyn (I), son of John and Constance (de Merston) de
Morteyn, was holding Tilsworth in Bedfordshire in the Feudal Aid of
1284 (Feudal Aids, i, 2).  At this time his mother Constance was
holding her inheritance of Merston (ib.); but by 1293 she was dead,
and John de Morteyn held both Tilsworth and Merston (Cal. Chart.
Rolls, p. 433)."

In 1308 and again in 1316 John de Mortaine was holding this manor.  Another John, probably his son was seized of it in 1328, and still holding it 20 years later.  In 1350 his son Edmund was Lord of Marston, he died in 1366.  Weis states that John, the son of Joan Gobion was John de Mortayne, and was that same Sir John Mortayne who died in 1346.  BHO leaves open the possibility that there were two John's here in a row, instead of the 1308 lord being the same man who died in 1346.

In either case, Sir John died leaving a son and heir, also named John who was an adult in 1346 when he made a fine on Tillesworth.  In 1367, an Edmund de Morteyn sued for the manor of Oneston and gives his ascent as Edmund (himself) - John - John - Constance which must then confirm the number of John's in this line.


Constance de Merston is an ancestress
of both Diana, Princess of Wales and Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York

Constance de Merston
John de Morteyn of Merston, co Bed
John de Morteyn of Merston, co Bed; Knt
Lucy de Morteyn
Thomas Giffard; Knt d 1394
Roger Giffard of Twyford, co Bed; esq d 1409
Thomas Giffard; esq; Sheriff of Bucks 1446
John Giffard of Twyford; esq
Thomas Giffard of Twyford, co Bucks; esq
Thomas Giffard of Twyford; esq d 1550
Ursula Giffard d 1558
Richard Wenman d 1572
Thomas Wenman of Thame Park; esq
Richard Wenman, 1st Viscount Wenman of Tuam

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