Biography of Sheppard Gandy Schermerhorn


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Wall Street Journal, 14 Dec 1911 "At the annual meeting of United Fruit Co retiring directors were reelected and Sheppard G Schermerhorn added to the board"

In 1913 the U.S. Government proceeded with an Anti-Trust investigation into the United Fruit Company.  At that time Schermerhorn is called "general manager of the Central and South American department of the company"

New York Times, 6 Nov 1926, "Sheppard Schermerhorn", "Former Shipping Man, Member of Old Family, Dies After Operation" -- "Sheppard G Schermerhorn, member of the old New York family of that name, who resigned a few years ago after serving eighteen years as Vice President of the United Fruit Company, died on Thursday in St Luke's Hospital after an operation performed in the hope of saving his life.  He had been ill a week.  Mr Schermerhorn was 54 years old, a son of the late William B Schermerhorn.  Formerly a well-known figure in shipping circles, he had relinquished in recent years most of his business affiliations.  He had resided lately at the Hotel Nassau, 58 East Fiftty-ninth Street.  He was a member of the St Nicholas Society.  Funeral services will be held in the chapel of St Luke's Hospital at 9:30 AM today."