Ancestry of Rupert Everett

The ancestry (genealogy) of Rupert Everett

The British actor Rupert Everett has several royal connections in his family tree.



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The numbers next to the headings below, indicate the position of that person in the Ahnentafel (Ancestor Table) with Rupert himself in position 1.

1 Rupert Everett
2 Anthony Michael "Tony" Everett, Major
3 Sara MacLean
4 Cyril Frederick Cunningham Everett
5 Marcella Lawless
6 Hector Charles Donald MacLean, Knt, Vice-Admiral
7 Opre Vyvyan
8 Frederick William Cunningham Everett
9 Georgina Tague
10 Patrick Lawless
12 Donald Charles Hugh Maclean, Captain in the Royal Scots, D.S.O.
13 Gwendoline Katherine Leonora Hope
14 William Geoffrey Vyvyan, Capt

18 George William Teague
19 Esther
25 Charles Hope
26 Leonore Orde
27 Herbert Francis Vyvyan, rector of Withiel Cornwall 1881

50 Frederick Hope
51 Eliza Cockburn
100 Charles Hope-Vere, R.N.
102 George Cockburn, Major General
200 Charles Hope-Vere of Craigiehall
201 Anne Vane
400 Charles Hope, 1st Earl of Hopetoun
401 Henrietta Johnstone
402 Henry Vane, Earl of Darlington
403 Grace FitzRoy
800 John Hope
801 Margaret Hamilton
802 William Johnstone, Marquess of Annandale
803 Sophia Fairholm
804 Gilbert Vane, Baron Barnard
805 Mary Randyll
806 Charles Fitzroy, Duke of Cleveland
807 Anne Pulteney

1612 Charles II, King of England, Scotland and Ireland


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