Circumventing email list moderation


A method of restoring free speech for all, by circumventing any email list / newsgroup moderation.
I've been tossing this idea around in my head, about how exactly you could go about circumventing email list moderation.  That is, when people are moderated on email lists or newsgroups, is there a way to post replies to list entries in an unmoderated fashion and in such a way that the postings can be universally viewed?
Could you not have a system which mimics the newsgroup postings but allows intermediate postings as well to appear, controlled by your own system? That is, imagine something like this:
Posting 1234
Posting 1235
Posting 1236
    Posting 1236.1
        Posting 1236.1A
    Posting 1236.2
Posting 1237
    Posting 1237.A
The "A" entries are managed by your own system, but the entire list is generated on-the-fly by queries.
The display above, that is, is built by a query like "Grab the newsgroup on this date, parse and display all the entries" and then "run through my own database, finding any intermediate entries, identified by their numeric or date position" (whatever) "and stick them in where appropriate".
That is, you stick them in, in order, based upon a date, a numbering scheme, a code, or whatever works for that particular system.  All the postings are clickable, but you scrap the newsgroup on the fly and display it within your own reply system.
That part shouldn't be hard, it's seems like just some PHP and a form.  The actual replies, through your system, are then preserved within your system, not sent to the newsgroup to which they pertain.
The beauty of the scheme would be revealed should your own site, after being indexed, end up showing higher in search engine results, at least in some cases, then the original newsgroup entries.  White hat SEO driven of course.
The scheme could be implemented by any person with a web server, thereby making most list moderation pointless.  The readers of the list / newsgroup would be drawn to your site instead, but how do you also drive the writers or otherwise target the writers with your postings?
Probably a scheme of email scraping and direct mailing would be needed as well.