John Wood, Mayor of Roxton Falls


This article written Oct 2011, by Will Johnson, professional genealogist,


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John Wood was born Sep 1821 in Greenwich, England, the son of Thomas Wood.  His father and brothers were tanners ("tanneurs de cuir" = leather tanners).

He arrived in Canada very young ("tres jeune") after the War of 1837 ("the Patriot's War" or "Lower Canada Rebellion")

Google MapMeanwhile his future wife Josephine Lalande dit Latreille was born in or about 1825, possibly in St Martine.  In a later biography of John Wood, Josephine is said to be "a young girl of St Martine" when they married.

John Wood and Josephine Lalande dit Latreille married on 24 Dec 1843 at St Luke's Anglican church in La Prairie, Quebec.  Apparently John Wood must have been an Anglican.  Unfortunately for genealogists, the Anglican record does not list the names of either sets of parents, which would have been the case, had they married in a Catholic church.

John and Josephine's first child Oliver John Wood was baptised 7 Aug 1845 at Notre Dame in Montreal.  The godmother was Clothilde Lalande.  Their next child Josephine Elizabeth Wood was baptised 14 Feb 1848 also at Notre Dame, but born on 15 Jan, she would later marry Hector Olivier Mignault.  Her godmother was Marceline Lalande dit Latreille.

Next was the child Jessie Ann Wood baptised 24 Aug 1849 at Notre Dame, she would later marry Fulgence Beauchemin.  The last child baptised at Notre Dame was Caroline Wood on 13 May 1851 who died as an infant in 1854.  Her godfather was Jean Baptiste dit Latreille, the godmother was Sophie Edge.  This is probably a brother to Josephine.  A Jean Baptiste Lalande dit Latreille, under-age at his marriage, married on 26 Nov 1838 at La Prairie to Sophie Hedge daughter of Joseph Hedge and Charlotte Dupont or Dupile.

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It's not clear if they now moved, but their next child Isabella Helene Wood was baptised 30 Jul 1853 at St Martine.  She would die as a child in 1858.

It was probably just after this time, that they moved to Roxton Falls, where John Wood was a tanner and captain of the militia.  They had certainly moved by 1855 when their next child Flora Victoria Wood was baptised there 14 Oct 1855.  Flora would later marry Louis Nere Levesque.  The next child Florence Alice was baptised at Roxton Falls  10 Sep 1857, she would later marry Olivier Chevier.

The next child Clara Emma Wood was baptised at Roxton Falls 20 Aug 1859, she would later marry Louis Georges Amedie Tanguay.  Next came Louisa Elmina Beatrice Wood baptised 28 Jul 1861, she would later marry Jacques Custeau.  The next child was Thomas Wilfrid Wood baptised 10 May 1863, he died only two months old.

This year, 1863, at the age of 41, John Wood was elected the first mayor of the newly formed town of Roxton Falls.  He would continue as mayor of this small town until 1880 when he would have been 59 years old.

Wilfrid Hickington Wood was baptised at Roxton Falls 11 Sep 1864, he would later marry Helene Stuart.  Ida Wood was baptised at Roxton Falls Sep 1866, she would later marry John H Keenan.

John and Josephine's last two children Marie Lilia Rita Wood and Maria Bella Linda Wood both died as infants.