Snohomish County, Washington Real Estate For Sale

Snohomish County, Washington Real Estate For Sale using

Snohomish County, Washington Real Estate For Sale using


This Knol written 2009 by Will Johnson,, as an example of how to use Trulia URL's to generate lists of for sale properties in various locations.

Real Estate For Sale in Snohomish County, Washington

Selected By Zip Code and Type, and sorted by price (low to high)

The basic URL is :;a_sort/
Replace the X by the Zip code of choice, such as 98204
Replace the Y by the type of property, such as SINGLE-FAMILY_HOME or leave this selector out entirely to see all properties

Trulia also has a way of viewing Recently Sold homes, but when I tried it for these zip codes I didn't see anything, even though I know there are recently sold homes.  I suspect that in order for that to work, they need a partner in that area, willing to provide them with the data, and probably not all areas have such partners yet.  However for an example of the Recently Sold homes link look at this one for the 95003 zip code.  The URL is very simple, just

One website that does show the recent solds for Everett is, although in a completely pointless move, they force you to enter an actual street address. (Will web site operators never learn?)  If you want customers, stop making it hard to use your site.

The Snohomish County Assessor / Treasurer Parcel Inquiry system is at this link, where you can see what the current taxes are, verify the square footage, see past transactions, etc.

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