Ancestry of Hilary Duff

Ancestry of Hilary Duff

An attempt to trace the ancestry of Hilary Duff


This Knol is part of my series "Celebrity Family Trees"

Hilary Duff

According to her Wikipedia biography, Hilary Duff was born 28 Sep 1987 in Houston, Texas to Robert Erhard Duff and his wife Susan Colleen Cobb.  The Texas Birth Index here shows : "Hilary Erhard Duff"

There is an Ancestry World Tree entry here which states that her four grandparents are : "Kenneth Robert DUFF, Mary Pearl ERHARD, Sam Clark COBB, Jr. and Amy Beulah SCHLEMMER".

All the lines end quickly except the one through Sam Clark Cobb, Jr.  Glancing at his detailed pedigree, I recognize that it's claiming the couple George Payne and Mary Woodson as ancestors to Hilary.  They are also ancestors to Dolly (Payne) Madison, the famous hostess of Washington, DC, widow of President James Madison.

We can also recognize that Alexander Spottswood, Governor of Virginia, who was famously born in the exotic  Tangiers, Africa.  Both Alexander and his wife Anne Bryan are supposed to have royal descent but the online tree I'm reading this from, isn't showing that.

Also I see Augustine Warner and Mildred Reade who are also ancestral to President George Washington.

Fourth Generation

Hilary Erhard Duff's 8 great-grandparents, who all lived in Texas at some time, are:
8. Luke Ralph Duff (born 1882, living 1930)
9. Willie Unknown (1886-1985) (some say her middle name is Gertrude)
10. Earl Chester Erhard (1881-1967)
11. Annie Pearl Windrow (1885-1963)
12. Samuel Clark "Sam" Cobb (1873-1926)
13. Era W Unknown (born 1883/4, living 1920) (second wife)
14. Albert Schlemmer (1893-1960) (his parents were from Germany and from Poland)
15. Eula Belle Angell (died 1984)

Royal Ascent

Hilary Duff apparently has a royal ascent as follows:
  1. Hilary Erhard Duff born 28 Sep 1987 Houston, Texas
  2. Susan Colleen Cobb born 12 May 1953 Harris County, Texas
  3. Sam Clark Cobb Jr born 4 Jul 1920 Cameron, Milam County, Texas
  4. Samuel Clark "Sam" Cobb (1873-1926)
  5. Mary Cornelia Smith born Dec 1849 Texas, died 1909
  6. Charlotte Mary Payne (1818-65)
  7. Nathaniel West Payne (1790-1860)
  8. Elizabeth Dandridge (living 1801) (Lawsuit naming her with her husband and father)
  9. Dorothea Spottswood (1727-73) (Genealogics)
  10. Alexander Spottswood (1676-1740) , Governor of Virginia (Genealogics)
  11. Robert Spottswood Dr. (~1645-1688) (Genealogics)
  12. Bethia Morrison (born 1611/16) (Genealogics)
  13. Eleanor Maule (Genealogics)
  14. William Maule of Glaster (born aft 1544) (Genealogics)
  15. Robert Maule of Panmure (died 3 May 1560) (Genealogics)
  16. Elizabeth Rollock of Ballachie (Genealogics)
  17. Elizabeth Grey (Genealogics)
  18. Annabella Forbes (married 1445) (Genealogics)
  19. Elizabeth Douglas (born 1398/1402) (Genealogics)
  20. Mariota (Mary) Stewart (Genealogics)
  21. Robert III (born 1337), King of /Scotland/ 1390-1406

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