Planet of the Apes without makeup

Pictures of all the cast members, out of makeup

Not even the IMDb has a full roster of the cast of Planet of the Apes without makeup. Let's see if we can do it.


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In 1968 a new franchise was created by the movie "Planet of the Apes".  Three astronauts crash onto what they believe is a distant planet, but one that is habitable.  They discover humans who are primitive and do not speak.  They discover apes who hunt the humans and use them for slave labor and experiments.  And ultimately they discover that this is Earth, albeit in the distant future.

The entry at IMDb gives us the cast, in credits order.  Now we'll see if we can find pictures of all the ape actors, without any makeup.  To my knowledge, no one has tried to collect all of these in one spot on the internet.

Roddy McDowall

as Cornelius

Kim Hunter

as Dr Zira

Maurice Evans

as Dr Zaius

James Whitmore

as President of the Assembly

James Daly
as Honorius

Lou Wagner

as Lucius
Woodrow Parfrey
Buck Kartalian
Norman Burton
Hunt Leader
Wright King as "Hecate"
in "Of Late I Think of Cliffordville", "Twilight Zone"
Dr Galen
Paul Lambert

Now IMDb reports the following additional actors, uncredited: Gene O'Donnell (unconfirmed), Army Archerd - Gorilla; James Bacon - Ape; Erlynn Mary Botelho - Gorilla; Priscilla Boyd - Human #1; Eldon Burke - Gorilla; David Chow - Chimpanzee; Billy Curtis - Child Ape; Frank Delfino - Child Ape; Buddy Douglas - Child Ape; William Graeff Jr. - Gorilla; Irvin 'Zabo' Koszewski - Gorilla; Robert Lombardo - Gorilla Photographer; Jerry Maren - Child Ape; Cass Martin - Chimpanzee; Steve Merjanian - Gorilla; Harry Monty - Child Ape; John Michael Quijada - Gorilla; Smokey Roberds - Chimpanzee; Jane Ross - Human; George Sasaki - Chimpanzee; Felix Silla - Child Gorilla; Emory Souza - Child Ape; Dianne Stanley - Astronaut Stewart