Chairpotato Presents: American Film Actors who died in 1970

(cHdc) Chairpotato Presents: American Film Actors who died in 1970


Written by Will Johnson
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    First I'll make a list of American Film Actors, who died in 1970, then we'll see in a bit which ones were famous and which weren't.

    In the Wikipedia search engine I search exactly for this:
    "American Film Actor" "1970 deaths"
    enquoted just like that

    Another way to do this same thing is to use the tool at
    For the first three questions, you enter "en", then American film actors, then 1970 deaths.  That runs the query and returns the below list, by generating the following URL:

    Actors I recognize right away, just by name:

     Dorothy Allen Robert Barrat William Beaudine Ed Begley  Mari Blanchard
     Billie Burke Vincent Coleman Mickey Daniels Scott R. Dunlap James Edwards
     Patricia Ellis Frances Farmer Pat Flaherty Preston Foster Byron Foulger
     Charles Fredericks Thelma Furness Louise Glaum Lawrence Gray Tom Graeff
     John Harvey Vinton Hayworth William Hopper Edward Everett Horton Lucille Hutton
     Sid Jordan Roscoe Karns Milton Kibbee Frankie Lee Gypsy Rose Lee
     Anita Louise Walter McGrail Chester Morris Conrad Nagel Richard Neill
     Cathy O'Donnell Marjorie Rambeau Beatrice Roberts Charles Ruggles Lewis Sargent
     Laura Sawyer Gay Seabrook Nell Shipman Frank Silvera Inger Stevens
     Paul Sutton Anya Taranda Glenn Tryon Sonny Tufts Lenore Ulric
     Vola Vale Dorothy Vernon Katherine Walsh Blue Washington Lillian West
     Nydia Westman Cobina Wright