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    On YouTube, there is a channel called Marvel where the channel operator has loaded several animated shorts and features.  Below I list the episodes of X-Men Evolution, in order, showing also my own description of what the episode is about, and the number of views it's gotten to date.

    Season 1 had 13 episodes

    Marvel Animation Channel
     Title  Views
     X-Men Evolution: Season 1, Episode 1
     Xavier and Mystique are both creating their teams.  Nightcrawler is discovered and joins Xavier, while Toad joins Mystique
     X-Men Evolution: Season 1, Episode 2
     While Xavier discovers Shadowcat, Avalanche is discovered by Mystique
     X-Men Evolution: Season 1, Episode 3
     Rogue is discovered, but doesn't join either side yet, as she thinks the X-men tried to kill her.
     X-Men Evolution: Season 1, Episode 4
     The Blob is discovered and joins Mystique, but Rogue warms up to Xavier's team.
     X-Men Evolution: Season 1, Episode 5
     Spyke is discovered and joins Xavier, while Quicksilver joins Mystique
     X-Men Evolution: Season 1, Episode 6
     Forge is discovered trapped in another dimension for twenty years.


    Marvel Animation Channel
     Title  Views
     X-Men Evolution: Season 1, Episode 7
     When Rogue absorbs Mystique's memories, she realizes that it was Mystique masquerading as the X-men members (see Ep 3), who tried to kill her.  After another confrontation with Mystique, Rogue decides to join the X-men.  This one is a tear-jerker.
     X-Men Evolution: Season 1, Episode 8
     After Episode 7 which was great, this one is a real let-down.  Sabertooth tricks Spyke into revealing where Logan is, and they duke it out again.  Spyke does a film as a school project.  Corny.  Can we just say corny?  You're warned.
     X-Men Evolution: Season 1, Episode 9
     Juggernaut makes his appearance.  The X-men and Mystique's teams join forces to defeat him.
     X-Men Evolution: Season 1, Episode 10
     Rogue's dream leads to the revelation that Mystique is Nightcrawler's mother.
     X-Men Evolution: Season 1, Episode 11
     Logan flies to Canada to seek his past without knowing that Shawdowcat and Nightcrawler have stowed-away.
     X-Men Evolution: Season 1, Episode 12
     Jean Gray is abducted by a metallic sphere.  Cyclops discovers that his brother Alex (re-named Havoc in the next episode) is alive. Part 1 of a two-part episode
     X-Men Evolution: Season 1, Episode 13
     Part 2 of a two-part episode.  Magneto pits the two teams of mutants against each other and takes the winners to his sanctuary.

    Season 2 had 17 episodes

    Marvel Animation Channel
     Title  Views
     X-Men Evolution: Season 2, Episode 1
    Cyclops has a rival for Jean's affection, and he faces a moral dilemma since he has to keep his powers secret, while still helping others.  It's resolved when Avalanche and his team reveal everyone's secret.
     X-Men Evolution: Season 2, Episode 2
    Jean begins having problems controlling her ability to read minds.  Meanwhile Cyclops continues to compete for Jean's affection with his rival.
     X-Men Evolution: Season 2, Episode 3
    Tabitha's father comes back into her life, wanting her to steal for him.
     X-Men Evolution: Season 2, Episode 4
    The tables turn, as Cyclops now has an admirer in Teran, and Jean begins to get jealous. Meanwhile the Professor finds out that someone has tried to sabotage the systems.  The kids throw a party in the mansion, while the adults are all away, where a computer whiz breaks into the Cerebro control room.
     X-Men Evolution: Season 2, Episode 5
    Hank McCoy who teaches both chemistry and phys ed becomes Beast.
     X-Men Evolution: Season 2, Episode 6
    Alex Masters is adrift at sea in a storm, while his half-brother Scott Summers searches for him.

    Marvel Animation Channel
     Title  Views
     X-Men Evolution: Season 2, Episode 7
    Angel makes his first appearance.  Magneto tries to recruit him for the dark side.
     X-Men Evolution: Season 2, Episode 8
    The African tribe that Storm abandoned, hunts her down.
     X-Men Evolution: Season 2, Episode 9
    Avalanche wanting to get close to Kitty, joins the X-Men.
     X-Men Evolution: Season 2, Episode 10
    "Girl power" possesses all the female characters.  Much to viewers dismay.
     X-Men Evolution: Season 2, Episode 11
    Part of Wolverine's past catches up to him.  We learn that he was a soldier during WWII serving alongside Captain America.  Together they saved Magneto from a POW camp.
     X-Men Evolution: Season 2, Episode 12
    Jean is possessed and leading other X-men steals ancient artifacts.

    Marvel Animation Channel
     Title  Views
     X-Men Evolution: Season 2, Episode 13
    Forge enhances Nightcrawler's teleportation ability, which brings a creature from another dimension into this one.
     X-Men Evolution: Season 2, Episode 14
    Beast leads the X-men on a nature outing in the Redwoods where he is mistaken for a Bigfoot.
     X-Men Evolution: Season 2, Episode 15
    The Scarlet Witch makes her first appearance, where we learn that she is the sister of Quicksilver, and they are both children of Magneto.  She defeats the X-men.

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