How to Tweet your Knol Updates (Page 6)

A Tutorial

Wouldn't it be super, if after you update a knol article, you could tweet your followers about it? Well now you can.


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The next step is to build our Tweet message in the "pass" area of the script.  All we're going to do here, is build it and echo it to the screen, so we can see what it's going to look like and that it works.  Also earlier I was trying to build the link to send to Twitter using HTML, but evidently that's not necessary!  Twitter automatically links things that start with http. Click the birdy.

It's beautiful!  But... how did I get rid of those naughty underlines in the text ?
The hecklers in the back row are yelling.
Ok for some reason, my faulty memory thought that the URLencoding of a space was an underline.  No.  It's a plus sign, so click the birdy and see the pretty result!

Finally we're done. Putting together all the various pieces, now allows us to embed a clickable image, which has an embedded sentence, but figures out for itself the URL, and after you've correctly entered the password, will post a link to Twitter with your message.

Took a little more effort than I first thought it would!  For those of you who could follow along with all my mistakes, you know how to figure out how to fix it up yourself I suppose, and you know what I left out.  For everyone else, the complete code set is for sale!  Only two dollars Paypal, and I'll email it to you.  If you check my Twitter account you'll find that I did actually finally succeed in making the automatic update work!

Amazing but true.

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