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17 Feb 2001 Research Lavinia E Johnson already paid $50 by paypal on 17 Feb 2011

WordPress something something something, MeetUp blah blah blah Feb 2011

Morgan Family Tree, paid $50 paypal Thursday 3 Feb 2011 - Email sent 5 Feb, waiting for response.

Creative Designs, Evelyn Volpa, forwarded her a client 4 Feb 2011

Pathfinders Software, Herb Rubin, spoke on 3-4 Feb 2011 about the below.  He has a tool for D3 that might work.  Holds several telnets open so there is no lag time.

Accessing U2 from PHP, (his client is an Activant client with Ult-Plus on Unix)
Bds wayne lowzik

(First email received 27 Jan 2011) My name is Wayne. I develop programs  on automotive systems.  I'm working on older Ultimate auto systm now owned by Triad.. And CCI-TRIAD  called Activant now.  Are you know about the "alt-plus" system on the Ultimate automotive system under Unix?

Yes I need to be able to post https from a web site an XML packet to the Ultimate and I have a program on the Ultimate in Alt-plus that can do  part inquiry and send it back in XML But I don't know how to connect Apache on the Unix base up to the Ultimate layer.

Is there a program for the Ultimate that can receive https posts to Apaches on the Linux end and then do a stockcheck and send XML back to that session?

I was thinking I can have a program on the Linux base side just accept a normal https post.  My program in Java or php would write the XML to an in/out File.  You will have a program written that I can execute from php and It will start a Ultimate process to parse and build the new XML response To the out file..
I would read it and convert back and close the session. Done ! I would like you to write this but if you simply use ssh from your office Then the cost is not as much of an issue to the client.

I have Apache on this Ultimate  you can ssh telnet in and FTP to it.  Do everything on it. (but no crash please).  Can you do it? I can make a HTML page to allow you to post my XML xsd on a form using a post.  All you need to do is run my page on my server in any IE browser in your office.  Then you can just click a submit and it will post to this box Under Apache on port 3150.