Web connection for All Pick BASIC environments

by Will Johnson

(fHdc) In this article, I will lead you, step-by-step through creating a web connection that is both, completely and forever FREE. The only hardware you will need, is a Windows PC on which your web server will run, and any type of internet connection, fixed or dynamic.


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This article has not yet been written.

Outline: Apache - PHP 5.3.5 VC6 (for Apache on Windows) Thread-Safe - PHP Telnet - Universe PE
Optional components: (1) Free site with FTP + optional Dynamic IP web server article; (2) AccuTerm
(1) is not required if site has a fixed IP addr - no need to rewrite this just redirect reader here
(2) is not required since Universe PE comes with a telnet connector, but AccuTerm includes VB scripting

Telnet will be a slow connect, so an upgrade would be a process which holds several telnets open at once and then a server has to partition the requests among them.  Herb Rubin suggested that he has a process which does something like this under D3.  It could be modified to be generic?

This article, when written will probably run over multiple pages.

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