Stop Wordpress Spam

by Will Johnson

(fHdc) How to end the constant spamming of your Wordpress blogs


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Directory Project

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Sometime in 2009, while I was looking for different gigs on which to work, I happened to notice quite often people looking for WordPress experts.  I was like, "What's WordPress?"  So I downloaded and installed it on my website at and linked the blog location to my landing page there.

I wrote my first blog entry back in June of 2009.  I did not in particular find it any more useful or interesting then writing in my MediaWiki install at countyhistorian, or writing for Knol, so I left it alone.  I wrote a few more blogs entries since that time, you can see them by clicking this link.

However, unlike the MediaWiki install, or the Knol articles, the WordPress articles get an enormous amount of spam.  I must receive on the order of ten to twenty spam messages per day, just on those few articles.

I happen also to have signed up, long ago for MeetUp, and also for my local WordPress MeetUp in Santa Cruz, but never went.  So when I saw a new meeting, I decided to finally go the other night.  It was productive in that I was told how to stop the spam messages.  I'm going to follow the instructions I received, and tell you what I learn.

So one plugin I was told about, which sounds like it will completely stop the problem is called GrowMap AntiSpam or GASP.  This plugin requires when a comment is posted, that a button must be clicked.  I was told that robot spammers cannot click buttons and so this should stop all robots.  So let's try that one first.

So first I go to my WordPress site, and click on the Site Admin button, which logs me in as the admin, and takes me to my dashboard.  On the left-hand side I see a section for PlugIns and a button for Add New so I click that next.  I'm then taken to the Install Plugins page where I get a Search box.  In that box I type GASP and click the button Search Plugins.

The first thing that pops up is called GrowMap Anti Spambot plugin version 1.1.  I notice that it has a five-star rating.  There is text describing what the plugin does, and who wrote it (Andy Bailey in this case), and a link labeled Install.  I click on "Install" and after a few seconds I get a popup window that among other things tells me that this plugin has been downloaded to-date over four thousand times.  Sounds good, so I click Install Now.

It then takes me to a Connection Information screen, which requires me to log into my server, on this screen I click on the Proceed button at the bottom.  After a few seconds I now get a "Successfully Installed", but then at the bottom of this screen I see a link for "Activate Now", so I suppose I must click that one as well.  After clicking that, I then get a new screen, which at the top states "Plugin Activated".

So I guess that's it, now I just wait to see if I get any more spam.  I linked this article into the thread at MeetUp