Brad Womack, Bachelor star

The only known full and accurate biography and ancestry of Brad Womack, the star of two different seasons of Bachelor. Known at one time as the most hated bachelor for refusing both of his final choices, he came back "after therapy" and finally made a choice.



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1 Stephen Bradley Womack
Stephen Bradley "Brad" Womack alias Pickelsimer of Austin, Texas

Brad was born 10 Nov 1972 in either Atlanta, Georgia or nearby DeKalb County, Georgia.  He has a fraternal twin brother Chad who is married.  (Chad is not his identical twin.)  The article at misses some key points, but does tell us that Brad's father's name was Steve, and that his parents separated.

Their mother remarried a Mr Pickelsimer, sometime before 1989, Brad at some point began going by this surname.  CBS News is reporting Mr Pickelsimer's first name as Charles.  A press release from ABC, reposted at this link, states that the family moved to Texas when Brad was 12.  It also states that in his childhood he "grew up in a single-parent home".  It turns out that Charles J Pickelsimer (born about 1942) and Pamela K (born about 1952), divorced on 25 Aug 1987 in Polk County, Texas.  The Texas Divorce Index states that they were married on 15 Apr 1978 and have three children.  (Their ages are in their divorce index entry.)  Brad would have been 5 when they married then, and 14 when they divorced, although I suppose it's possible they had been separated for a time prior to the divorce.  Intelius says that Charles middle name is Jackson.

Brad, Jason Carrier, Wes, Chad
Credit: TheChugginMonkey

Did you go to elementary school or junior high school with Brad Womack or Brad Pickelsimer?  If so, can you tell me the name of the school?

Alert readers will realize by now, that there is something wrong in the canned biography of Brad presented on Bachelor.  From some blog postings dated 2007 I understand that the story is that after Pam's first divorce the family were forced to move to Texas and live in a double-wide trailer, with her as a single mother.  This doesn't quite appear to be accurate.

Rather it seems that Pam, within a few years of her divorce, married Pickelsimer.  If they were forced to move to Texas when Brad was 12, then I have to assume that this was the time that she seperated from Pickelsimer.  Then it seems like two years later she got her final divorce from him.  But within a year, she married again as we see next.

There is some kind of automatic connection being made at Ancestry between a Pamela Pickelsimer, and a Pamela Romesburg.  Checking the Texas Marriage Index I find a Pamela K Peavey age 36 marries a Kenneth H Romesburg age 28, on 14 Oct 1988 in Polk County, Texas.  So this is likely to be her.  I suppose that Peavey would be her original maiden name.  Brad, at this point would have been 15 years old.

From at least 1989 to at least 1996, Kenneth Romesburg lived in Livingston, and using that, we finally find Pamela's birthdate of 14 Dec 1951 (U.S. Public Records Index Volume 2)  Kenneth is or was a truck driver (Source 1, Source 2Public Record Center states that Kenneth's middle name is Hayward.  In 1996, he is listed in Huntsville, Texas (Source)

Did you know Brad while he was in high school?  Did you ever go over to his house?  If so I'd like to interview you for this article.  Please contact me at

Brad Womack
in 2007
Credit: Extra

Brad appears in the sophomore class of Livingston High School in Polk County, Texas under the name "Brad Pickelsimer".  He graduated from that high school in 1991 as "Brad Pickelsimer".   He was convicted as "Stephen Bradley Pickelsimer" in 1993 for  forging a driver's license.  When this was revealed in 2011, he stated that he had merely been trying to get into bars while still under-age.

In 1996 as "Stephen B Pickelsimer" he was living in an apartment building or condo at 600 N Comanche Apt 15, San Marcos, Texas. ("U S Public Records, Volume 1")  This same address and year is given for a Brad Pickelsimer born 1 Sep 1954.  If my article so far is accurate, then when he was arrested, his step-father was not Pickelsimer, but rather Romesburg.  I wonder if Charles legally adopted the three sons, or not ?  Why would Brad and his two brothers, be going by Pickelsimer and not Romesburg?  Many many sites online are reporting that Pickelsimer was his step-father at the time of his arrest, but he was not.  You read it here first.

Brad on Ellen DeGeneres in 2007
As "Stephen B Pickelsimer" he lived at some point on Rural Route 3, Celery Avenue, in Livingston, Texas where I find, also living there, a Michael C Pickelsimer with the same birthdate, and a John W Pickelsimer born 22 Aug 1976.  The second person Michael, must be his fraternal twin "Chad", and the last John, evidently another full brother, or possibly a half-brother, or even step-brother.  This last one must be the brother called "Wes" by the ABC press release above.  The three brothers, perhaps also with this Jason Carrier above, own a few night club / taverns.

Brad went to University for a year, but dropped out.  I believe that there are some mooings around the net about Brad working in oil fields in various states after this, but I haven't yet tried to track any of that down.  I also, believe it or don't, have never watched the Bachelor, so I don't know what he has or hasn't said about his family and personal history.  In 2001 he bought the first of his four bars with his brothers as co-owners.

Brad has since reverted to his birthname of Womack, as have his two brothers.  Brad was the star on the television series Bachelor in 2007's Season 11, when he rejected both of his final two choices.  He is the current star of Bachelor in 2011, Season 15.  Brad made his choice Emily Maynard, and proposed, read the story at this link.  But after the final show we learned that they broke up for a while at least, over Brad's temper, or rather both of their tempers.  But other factors are Emily's fear of losing him the way she lost her fiancee, NASCAR driver Ricky Hendrix (in a plane crash), and her unease of seeing Brad interacting romantically with the other girls after they had already become engaged two months before the end of the show.

2 Michael Steven Womack
Michael Steven Womack was born 12 Apr 1952 in DeKalb County, Georgia. ("Maddox, Singleton, Smith, Womack" family of Georgia by Cheryl Maddox)  He married first to Pamela Kay Peavey on 12 Jun 1971 in DeKalb County, Georgia. (Source)  They had three children, and divorced by 1978 when she remarried.  Steve remarried Teressa Ann Panter on 02 May 1987 in North Carolina.and had two more children.  Steve Womack was living in 2006 in Hartwell, when his step-mother Shirley died.  After Brad had blamed some of his commitment issues on his father being absent from his life, an article appeared in the Star tabloid purporting to quote his father Steve in rebuttal.  Steve, as far as I know is yet living.

3 Pamela Kay Peavey
Pamela Kay Peavey was born 14 Dec 1951, the daughter of John Robert Peavey and Kate Smith. (Source)  She married first to Steve Womack, with whom she had three children before they separated.  Steve was from DeKalb County, Georgia, while the online trees I've been able to find put Pam's Peavey family in Polk County, Texas.  I wonder if this could be true?  Perhaps instead, she is that same Pamela Peavey who went to Tucker High School in DeKalb County, Georgia, graduating in 1970 ?

Pamela next married Charles J Pickelsimer on 15 Apr 1978, according to their later divorce entry.  Pickelsimer is an odd name, so I did a search in the Texas marriage records without finding them.  Later reports have her and her sons, moving about 1984 to Texas, so perhaps she married Pickelsimer in Georgia.  Pam and Charlie divorced 25 Aug 1987 in Polk County, Texas.  The divorce entry states that they have three children, but these appear to be her three from her marriage to Womack.  It doesn't look to me like she had any children with Pickelsimer.  It seems likely that this is the same Charles J Pickelsimer who is associated in 2000 with property in Atlanta, and who later lived, and perhaps currently lives, in Oklahoma in such towns as Tulsa, Collinsville, Owasso and Broken Arrow.  If so, then he is listed currently (Mar 2011) at 123People as "age 69".  Using that we can now prove that the one who was living in Fayetteville, GA is the same one who moved to Tulsa, OK with birthdate 29 Aug 1941. (US Public Records Index V1)

Pamela continued to live in Livingston, Texas where her sons went to high school.  A little over a year after her second divorce, on 14 Oct 1988 she married Kenneth H Romesburg in Polk County, Texas.  As "Pamela K Romesburg" she is listed in 1993 at 317 W Church St in Livingston.  As "Kenith" he is listed in 1993 at RR3 POB 69 in Livingston, and then next year Pamela is listed at this same address.  But then in 1996, Kenneth is listed in Huntsville, Texas.  I'm not yet sure if Pamela moved there with him or not.  There is also a marriage for a Pamela K Peavey age 48 to a Stephen R Badger in 1999 in Walker County, Texas.  Walker County is just slightly to the west of Polk County.  That's a pretty strong co-incidence, so I expect this is also her.  A simple Google for:
    "Pamela Badger" Womack
confirms the connection, showing links to John Wesley Womack and Michael Chadwick Womack.  And there is a Pamela Badger with this same birthdate who appears living in Huntsville, Texas in the U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 2

Pamela is living.

4 Howard Dan Womack
Howard Dan Womack was born 18 Nov 1932 in Georgia; possibly in DeKalb County.  He married an unknown first wife by 1951, as they had a son Steve in 1952.  In 1958, Howard married Vera Shirley Payne in DeKalb County, Georgia.  He was living in 2006 in Hartwell, Georgia when his wife Vera died at their home there.  I have not yet confirmed if he is yet living or not.

Primary Sources for 4
  • The Northeast Georgian Friday, August 18, 2006 "Shirley Payne Womack" (obit)
Funeral services for Shirley Payne Womack, 71, of Hartwell, were held at 11 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 17, at the chapel of Strickland Funeral Home, with the Rev. Doug Brown and the Rev. James Sexton officiating. Burial followed in Memorial Garden of Prayer. Mrs. Womack died Aug. 14, 2006, at her home.   Born in Franklin County on March 6, 1935, she was the daughter of the late Ferd Payne and Tensie Bell Whitworth Payne. She also was preceded in death by her son, Lee Womack; daughter, Susan Marie Womack; brothers, William, Dallas, Nando and James Payne. Mrs. Womack was retired from the Hartwell Company as a customer service supervisor. She was a Franklin County High School Alumna, a member of Cedar Creek Baptist Church and a former member of Indian Creek Baptist Church. Survivors include her husband, Dan H. Womack of Hartwell; sons, Steve Womack and Brian Womack, both of Hartwell, Jeff Womack of Grayson; daughter, Angelia Dalton of Stone Mountain; sisters, Susie Clark of Douglasville, Lutrelle Segars and Majell Walters, both of Alpharetta, Virginia Cowan of Dawsonville; 13 grandchildren, two great grandchildren and three great great grandchildren. Memorials may be made to Hart County Relay for Life, 1610 Lightwood Road, Hartwell, GA 30643. Strickland Funeral Home, Hartwell, was in charge of arrangements.

Secondary Sources for 4

5 First Wife
She was the mother of Michael Steven Womack, born 12 Apr 1952 in DeKalb County, Georgia. ("Maddox, Singleton, Smith, Womack" family of Georgia by Cheryl Maddox) .  The only thing I know about her so far, is that she is not Howard's wife Shirley who he didn't marry until 1958.  It's possible however that Steve never knew that.

6 John Robert Peavey
There is a John Robert Peavey (1921-1973) who is buried at Forest Hill Cemetery, in Polk County, Texas who may be the father of Pamela.  This one is certainly the same one who enlisted in WWII from Polk County, Texas, born in 1921, listed as a sheet metal worker, single, without dependents.  So he is probably that same one listed in 1930 in Polk County, Texas as "John Peevey, age 8" with his parents.  I just have to show that he is the same person who was the father of Pamela!  This one who died in 1973, did so in Houston, age 50, with parents listed as John Powell Peavey and Mary Catherine Walters.

7 Kate Smith

8 Charles Horace Womack
Charles Horace Womack was born 4 Mar 1891 in Georgia; possibly in DeKalb County.

Primary Sources for 8
  • 1930 Census of Browning, DeKalb County, Georgia: "Charlie H Womack, 39; Edna, 34; Frank E, 9; Harold L, 7; Raymond C, 9; Rebeca S, 2 8/12"
  • "R C Womack" (obit), Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 18 Oct 2010, born 13 Dec 1924 in Doraville, Georgia, naming his parents as "Charles Horace Womack and Edna Smith Womack" and one of his siblings as "Dan Womack of Hartville"

9 Edna Irene Smith

Primary Sources for 9
  • 1930 Census of Browning, DeKalb County, Georgia: "Charlie H Womack, 39; Edna, 34; Frank E, 9; Harold L, 7; Raymond C, 9; Rebeca S, 2 8/12"
  • "R C Womack" (obit), Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 18 Oct 2010, born 13 Dec 1924 in Doraville, Georgia, naming his parents as "Charles Horace Womack and Edna Smith Womack" and one of his siblings as "Dan Womack of Hartville"

12 John Powell Peavey
1874-1964 died in Livingston, Polk County, Texas.  In 1930 he is listed with his wife Mary and their children in Polk County, Texas as "John Peevey". (Source)  His death certificate states that his parents were Dallas Peavey and Armanda King and that he was buried at Restland.

13 Mary Catherine Walters
1887-1972 died in Cleveland, Liberty County, Texas but buried in Livingston, Polk County, Texas.  John Peavey was her second husband. (Source)  In 1930 she is listed with her husband John and their children in Polk County, Texas as "Mary Peevey". (Source) Her death certificate states that her parents were Robert Stace Walters and Caroline Tolar, that she was a housewife, born in Knight, Texas, widow and buried at Restland.